About #MissionAnguilla

About #MissionAnguilla

EudoraSkin is a brand that was so I can help people all over the US with skin care and such. This brand was created so people can enjoy affordable, quality products from a person who always put the customers first. I have been grateful to receive positive feedback on my products and overall how I ran EudoraSkin. I, unfortunately for some, closed down EudoraSkin because I personally felt like this wasn't for me. Which caused some disappointment. 

Recently the island that my family is from, Anguilla, has been greatly damaged by a category 5 hurricane. Hurricane Irma, has destroyed houses, hospitals, churches, etc. MissionAnguilla is me, and hopefully you, donating canned goods, food, hygiene products, clothes and more to Anguilla. 

I created bundles from my most loved products and with the money I will donate 80% to buying clothes, food, hygiene products and other needed items to send to my family and many other families in need.

There will also be a section for people who would like to donate but do not want any of the products displayed and of course 100% of that money will be towards gathering items to send to Anguilla. I personally want everyone to feel like they've helped out my little island with this project. 

Hopefully you guys are excited about this and all of the orders and donations are greatly, GREATLY, appreciated.

Thank you all so much.